Saturday, April 23, 2005

Move over metrosexual

Most Indians would be familiar with the metrosexual male concept popularized by the media. Now the metrosexual has become a victim of his own success. He has not lost the sexuality but morphing into a frustosexual. To perfect this look, look no further than Emraan Hashmi, the star of the many skin and smooch flicks like the much-Malliked Murder and the udaas Zeher.. This is a very tough look to acquire or inherit and sustain. It has threecomponents
1) Pain : More than pain its angst which could stem from the chronic malancholy of corporate life where ones reward to effort ratio is as imbalanced as the fiscal deficit to GDP ratio of India. Perenially pained ...
2) Rawness/Tender depth: Behind the pain is the tender depth which most metrosexuals had to possess and thrive on the scarcity mentality which most mediocrely successful women in metros have begun to believe in when it comes to finding men with the depth and the rawness to enable them be emotionally secure. The classic " agar tum mil jaao , zamaana and kapda chhod denge hum" type for women. But now the problem is of plenty. Even after marriage women wont let him to do his job or worse still he might be attracted to married women who are not getting their due from MCP husbands.
3)Vulnerability: He can still break glasses, booze and stink like a brewery, kiss on streets, terraces and where not. Its all to do with the improbable act of balancing so many good qualities and good women.

Roll on Emraan Hashmi....and the Bhatt stable of films.....There is enough sting in this kind of look....


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