Saturday, October 15, 2005

Smart release

In the songs of Bollywood, if it rains it pours. The same logic can be applied to the frequency of release of good movies. About a month back, there was a deluge with No Entry, Iqbal and Salaam Namaste. Thanks to absolute lack of competition, Salaam Namaste a pedestrian concept movie with a screechy Preity Zinta dancing with a helmet tucked in her tummy has grossed Rs.62 Cr. The Rajpal Yadav movie showcasing the frustrations of a small town guy with a taller and better looking wife did not warm the cockles or tickle the audience. Mostly superstitious Bollywood has a practice of not releasing movies during the Ramzan month. This is either a legacy of the era where movies where extensively financed by the underworld from Dubai. But in this era of fleeting consumer attention, it would be better if smart movie makers use this slack month to release movies rather than stacking it up during the Diwali holidays where the probability of success when pitted against the biggest releases. Bollywood good or bad , thy movies still are the best weekend timepass. Rather than Transporter 2.


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