Wednesday, December 07, 2005

full on croaking , hit n hopping

Phew!! ... Visits to my blog on a particular day have surpassed all records ( although it maybe only one-tenth of popular ones like the page 3 of Indian blogging(guess guess)). All thanks to a 'dogmatist', 'regressive', 'fundamentalist' post.Wow I can easily be a member of the the 'non-secular' alternative party in India . Like most youth in this country, I have grown half-knowing what true Hinduism is, why some rituals exist, why we pray , blah blah. But rather than rubbishing it, I am just determined to dig deeper and find what, why , when etc etc. However going by some extreme responses which sounded like foreign investors staying away from India because they saw some cows on the roads of Delhi, it seems the baby is out with the bathwater and without the Johnson soap. There is a clear need to separate concept from context and precept from practice. Things degenerate for a lot of reasons including human greed and war between religions. Every religion sometimes faces the need to be harsh and stricter in times of despair. But a certain portion of that austerity continues to flourish even later by force of habit. For instance, the world awful was supposed to mean full of awe a praise rather than the way we use it today. The problems in this search are many:
1. Unfortunately there is no Navneet type guide to all our texts. And pray tell me which texts is it the Vedas, is it the Gita.... well I dont know.
2. Even our parents or grandparents dont know the meaning of a lot of things we recite or do.
3. Time/practicality. Will it get me my this years bonus or promotion.
The path/journey would atleast leave me wiser than reading Mumbai Mirror.
And it definitely gets the hits on the blog. That should be enough incentive.
Till then its back to watching Tanisha's cleavage and bad hair with in Neal n Nikki. What a song...
Nikki Bakshi.... cute n sexy...full on n happening.... aarghhhhhh....


At 11:54 AM, Blogger Parth said...

I don't even think that it is necessarily a need to know the religious context of texts that we should be delving into our roots. There's the beauty of the Sanskrit language, the understanding of our culture and progress that we can attain. I don't see how you can be construed as dogmatic in learning what's your true heritage. I think the 'secularitsts' have won already, if our current generation has this mind block.

At 3:25 AM, Blogger Mridula said...

I do not follow rituals, and I do not like Neal'n' Nikki. Anything worng with that? Or is it a prerequisite to follow rituals to dislike Neal 'n' Nikki?

At 10:49 PM, Blogger a s a said...

in my school sanskrit was taught before english or anything else. in KG. little kiddies sound darlingest when they're talking sanskrit!!

and we used to have this performance of chants.. students organised it themselves. all it takes is a certain concentration.. and you come back with a memory of a most intense experience. try.


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