Monday, May 15, 2006

A new leas(h)e of life

When the India shines , the more confused I get...
Who is buying all the property that is available in the cities...?
Even if all the property is bought will the valuation of real estate stocks be justified... ?
Why do so called intellegentsia in the country try desperately to hate Himessh when his crooning glory is creating mass hysteria ?
Is this kind of anti-Himessh attitude restricting the creation of mass products and services?
Is corporate India in its Arrow shirts and Zodiac ties forgetting that there are only 4 mn HHs in this country that earn greater than 5 lakhs p.a to spend on what they are selling? (source: NCAER)
Or is the survey by NCAER grossly understating income due to three reasons : Black money, repatriation income and a large population that has 3 working members in a HH ?
Now I can afford to hate the bloody India and its questions for a while. I have come to take a global rather Asia-pac view to life and business. Shifted to Singapore. I can now escape Schrodingers uncertainity principle in my observations, wishfully thinking.


At 4:58 AM, Blogger shikha said...

You settled in Jayesh!All the best for your new assignment!

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