Saturday, February 10, 2007

Carcass of a vulturous pundit

Well there is a vulture who thinks madrasi chicks are not attractive as punju chicks. Arre deva re deva, kab sudharega yeh log.
Firstly the word madrasi. To most North Indians anything south of India is 'madrasi'. Well we know that that the Mughals raped your history but they left your geography intact right? ( the Hindi version puts Omkara to shame)
Now how much ever some North Indians may hate the South Indians , there is one economic fact which is conveniently forgotten. We talk a lot about India's growth rate of 9%. But if one does a state-wise analysis , the South Indian states have consistently outperformed the North Indian states. So because of North India and its lazy bunch, India cannot match China's growth rate.
The other problem is bechare they cannot participate in the great IT and BPO boom which has enriched many a South Indian. Many Punjjus cant code software programs because they lack basic logic. They cant work in BPOs since courtesy is something they have never learnt. Jobs are still getting Bangalored but not Amritsared. Especially a recruiter for a Fortune 500 staffing solution providers should know that.

Lastly there has been a steady deterioration of the so called premier blog portal called desipundit. Most references there smack of favouritism and catering to the least commonly accepted denominators. May be this was a method to create some cheap publicity and ring in the page views. With VC money pouring out of Nariman Points gutters, there might be some motive to for these desi dudes to cash out. Well if you still have the same good intentions you had while starting it, then lets see if you refer this post.

Maybe we need a new debate on what does desi mean? So if I say in a desi group in NY, that 'aaj desi khana khaate hai' does it mean naan with dal makhni or masala dosa with sambhar. Oye yaar pata hi nahi chalta; confusion hai ki racism hai ?


At 10:33 PM, Blogger vandana s said...

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At 8:48 PM, Blogger Prashant Pai said...

What motivated such a divisive standpoint, dude?

At 8:40 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Are yaar...sahi hai. i think i do remember the opening reference which was made by someone we both know. Aur...uski kaise yaad aa gayi achanak? baki madrasai, punjabi kya hai sir....sab apna hai...ek saath milke bajate hein duniya ki!

At 2:11 AM, Blogger Shrivathsa said...

I think your acerbic comments against northern indians saying that they are "lazy", "lack logic" "un courteous" etc... are racistic. I am a southern Indian myself and i don't think your article is balanced. Why ask for un-racistic treatment from others when you yourself aren't walking the talk?


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