Thursday, October 02, 2008

Return to rawness

Raw according to has over 10 meanings but my post is particularly about these meanings. But in every sense of it, I feel like returning to rawness.
1. Not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing, finishing, refining, or manufacture
Processing, finishing,etc are a great part of standardization in any output. It makes it predictable . Organizations are champs at creating processes, even for most mundane issues like entry into an office to complex things like innovation. Most companies rarely move up from the 1 single product or service that somebody conjured up in epiphany or serendipity. Layers after layers of management exist where every layer converts rawness to finished outcomes. A sales head can never replicate the days when he was in the sun selling that latest printer, a marketing head can never replicate the oodles of doodles of his youth, a finance head can never have the fun of error tracing an excel sheet with wrong formulas. Somehow there is a time everyone feels that those raw days were more fulfilling than approving claims and being cced on inconsequential mails.
2. Crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste
Look no further than this song in Singh is King called 'tujhe dulha kisne banaya bhootneeke'. Or the English movie Stepbrothers or Forgetting Sarah Marshall. There is rawness to be behooved in some moments of these movies. To appreciate wine or Cubism is an effort, laughing at crudeness is effortless.
3. Ignorant, Inexperienced, or untrained
Somewhat linked to point 1. Again experience teaches you what not to do and so you become more efficient at eliminating inefficiency. Experience teaches you to limit your expectations, which is like eliminating any possibility of greater joy. Plasticity pervades a stimulated life that reads more from billboards as compared to others emotions. In short we all live Truman shows of our own, with distributed audiences and different directors.
4. Unprocessed or unevaluated
Evaluation is a tricky science. Some experts argue that children learn better if there is no pressure of exams or evaluations. Ricardo Semler in his book Maverick also had something to offer against performance evaluation in organizations.
But even a child does more stunts when he knows there is an audience. So can there ever be a return to rawness.. I dont know the answer, I just wish I could do it more often.


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