Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gods instant gratification

I had been to a South Indian temple in Mumbai. Matunga to be precise on Sunday. I dont know why some temples make you pray devoutly and some do not. Especially in Mumbai, temples are a commodity, there are more temples than sulabh shouchalays here.
As luck would have it, some key poojari ( priest) had come from Kerala to perform a pooja. As a result the darshan inside the temple was closed for around forty five minutes. During that time, all kinds of thoughts flew through my mind.
First phase was of deep devotion. I prayed for almost ten minutes . Then I started wondering I was either asking too much or repeating too much of the same things. Then I wondered whether I should be global(let me shine in my job) or specific(i should be promoted asap). After that came a phase of exasperation due to the wait time. So everything was cursed at. In an age of instant e-alerts, instant gratification is what the new generation needs. Why cant there be e-prayers or something, why does one have to wait, why there is a pujari between God and me, why should my darshan be dictated by his rituals blah blah.
The third phase of enlightenment dawned after half an hour had passed. He is the supreme Almighty after all. You came to see Him, seek His blessings. One can wait for half an hour for a skin specialist to clear pimples, prepaid call center of Hutch to provide a response, for a meeting which will give business if you listened to some curses, but cant wait for the Lords darshan? "Yaar ariva un maya leelagal, harihar nandanaye" ( who will understand your maya leela , O Lord) . We can all understand a bit if we all listen to the clues He gives all the time.


At 3:19 AM, Blogger Shivaji said...

As I discussed earlier, I think your initial desire for instant gratification is entirely justified, since the so called God has given a limited life-time to you...This is not true for a Huth call center which has not imposed such severe restrictions on you..


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