Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is Aamir going the Kamal way

There was a time in the 90s in Kollywood, the film world down South. A brilliant actor was flexing his muscles and entering areas beyond acting. Scripting, direction , make - up, the works. Soon fights with leading directors started, messing with scripts began, ghost - direction were common. Kamal Haasan was running out of directors who would put up with his interference. The magic he had unleashed at a time when Kollywood was dishing better stuff than Bollywood ( I still believe it was too much body hair on Anil Kapoor and Sunny paaji) was waning. Mani Ratnam and he gave Nayakan, Singeetam Srinivas Rao and he gave Apoorva Sahadorgal (Appu Raja). His initial attempts were good ( the script of Thevar Magan (Virasat) and SatiLeelavati (Biwi no.1 a real cheap imitation). But then megalomania followed and he was writing, directing and acting under his own banner. Plus a divorce and relationships with co-stars ran the gossip mills.
Today when I look at Aamir, his approach, his interviews and his personal life , I get a whiff of the same odour. Mangal Pandey was the biggest blockbuster flop of 2005. An actor takes a year and half to grow his moustache and hair. He does inane number of retakes to get a shot right. The movie takes four years and tests the patience of a movie goer for another three hours. Yet the man in his interviews and especially his Toyota ad gives an impression of having fallen in love with himself and the art that he portrays. He has disagreements on most scripts he reads. There is not exactly a queue waiting at his doorstep to sign him on. The way he arranged his second marriage had streaks of madness. He told in 'Walk the Talk ' on NDTV that he would consider direction very soon. I just hope that we can still get the cool Aamir of Dil Chahta Hai, I just hope these correlations dont have a high degree of significance. Waiting for Rang de Basanti to unearth further data points.


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