Saturday, May 21, 2005

corporate caprice gems

Financial times reported that managers of Cadbury Schewppes have been given a booklet titled " Leadership Imperatives, a Guide for Improving Performace". This booklet has some of the gems which go beyond even open source strategy. Here are some of the 144 rules running into 19 pages.

" Aim to make the impossible happen " ( In some corporations simple things never happen, forget impossible)

" Work together to achieve the impossible" ( Make sure you are not the only fool, call a meeting atleast)

" Get the impossible done through others " ( Vow the ability to pass on shit ..delegation in other words)

" Create value by leveraging the dynamics of effective teams " ( classic OSS)

" Insist on radical alternatives within the Value Based Management process" ( bounded reality or clouded?)

Dilbert is real and kicking... long live corps...


At 12:57 AM, Blogger Minerva's priest said...

When I was young and hopeful, I used to think Dilbert is for losers. But everytime I read "mantras" like this, or listen to a CEO of any large public corporation - I feel like shorting the stock of every possible company. Dilbert is real, corporations are waste land of people and property, wonder who is paying for this.


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