Sunday, May 22, 2005

one month and raring to go

Hurray! Its one month since I started blogging. Although one month is still a short time, atleast this hobby has not died a premature death after a few posts. At a decent average of one post in two days (still have to hit one a day), writing about my topics of interest and observations of the world around me has provided a good respite from the doggedness of corporate life and the heat of Mumbai. Would have liked more comments on my posts though. But its still early days and I am still figuring out the best options to increase this node's influence on the blogging network and also improve my writing.
Of course what influenced me to blog was the cover story in Fortune where Blogging was rated the top tech trend and what prompted me to act was the Businessweek's cover story on blogs. Well the influence of mass media is still there! Plus read one of the best pieces of writing on technology " The Long tail " at Chris Andersens blog. Then our own Indian press like the policemen in Hindi movies have covered it late (Business Today and Rajesh Jain's article in Business Standard). Over the last two weeks have gone through almost 80-100 blogs by Indians and foreign business writers and it has been enjoyable, informative and insightful. Although because of this my reading of the financial dailies has come down, that just proves the influence of this new mode of information dissemination has (already talked about in many articles).
Time to be a fast follower if not an early adopter....


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