Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yeh world of Bunty and Babli

Yeh world hai na world, is mein do tarah ke movies hote hai , Pehle jo ek movie mein kuch cheezon pe full focus karte hai, doosre jo ek movie mein hi sab cheezon pe focus karte hai. (Borrowed from similar dialogues scattered throughout the movie)

Bunty aur Babli tries to be the latter and thats why it falters, it attempts to please everyone and tries to pack romance, action, small time aspirations, exploiting screen chemistry of baap-beta for first time and parodies all to create a blockbuster. Sholay banana chahte the Shayad Ali.

Two things let it down big-time ,
1. Music - except for the dhadak dhadak song none are catchy
2. Script - especially the gags used by B&B to con people are neither funny nor exciting. The first gag does tickle a bit, , and the selling Taj Mahal gag evokes humour thanks to the mayawati take off bit and the morcha outside her house.

But there are some moments of cinema magic which redeem the movie,
1.Abhishek-Rani screen chemistry
2. Amitabh playing Dasrath Singh, a chana chewing bidi smoking policeman. After a long time Big B comes in style and speaks Allahabadi Hindi. And he is a delight. Wish his character was introduced earlier. And the way he kicks is still the best in the industry even though its just a chair.
3. Baap-Beta's drunken scene and the item song with the global item Ash in an Umrao Jaan takeoff. ABs and Big B's dancing to Kajra re (a qawaali after a long time) elevates the song to great heights making it the best sequences of the movie.
4.Rani and her costumes.

Thanks to the above the film is time pass. But if Shaad had used Dhoom type slickness for his gags, Hera Pheri type dialogues for the situations, given Big B more screen time, played rapchik music, he would have been in the history books.

Yeh world hai na world , is mein do tarah ke reviewers hote hai. Pehle jinke reviews koi nahi padtha , doosre jinke reviews sab padhthe hai. My blog hits show I belong to the former.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Sagar said...

But looks like Box Office Loving the movie

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Parth said...

Yeh world hai na world. Isme do tarah ki picturein banti hai. Ek, jinme style hoti hai, or doosra jinme substance hota hai. Yeh zaroori hai ki chahe style ho ya substance, donon uchit matraa mein ho. B&B main pehla thoda kam pad gaya. However, I did enjoy Amitabh's act. He is the king of drunken scenes and his being a teetotaller makes it better :-)

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nahi bhai .....maine bhi review padha and i agree with the u belong to the latter category now :-)

At 9:51 AM, Blogger anonymous said...

cudnt help ..but found myself readily agreeing to ur review of BnB..


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