Thursday, July 21, 2005

Diminishing marginal readability of posts

I have been facing a bloggers block for the last few days. There were a few supply side constraints like working out of conference rooms and full day meetings. The key concern I had was if I dont blog regularly enough would the miniscule readership base disappear. And if I write some posts for the heck of it whether the perceived quality go down. Like any media business I believe there are some driver shows and some filler shows. 60-80% of revenues of any big channel come from prime-time. So there is appointment viewing on primetime and flirtatious viewing on the rest. Is there something similar in blogging also.. that some posts would be good and attract a lot of comments whereas some posts would go without comments.
In trying to analyse the blogosphere I came up with classic consulting 2 by 2 to guage the popularity of current Indian blogs. The two axes are
1. Frequency : High to Low
2. Nature of blog content : Short update to medium long viewpoints/analysis.
If one looks at the most popular blog Kiruba it falls in the top left hand corner, high frequency short updates about happenings and events.
The top right hand corner usually the best position in 2 by 2 could go to Youth Curry although the quality of posts is not consistent. Since Rashmi also runs a youth mag, she can think once and write twice. But this is the most difficult corner to occupy for a long time.
The other on is the bottom right hand one would be blogs of Govindraj Ethiraj the CNBC editor, very infrequent long analysis driven posts.
People who update their blog infrequently and just update that they have switched shampoos or made pasta at home would mostly be read by their friends only.
Ok thats it for all the analysis and 2 by 2s, I need to figure out a way of writing more frequently on my blog.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Shivaji said...

Does any blog at some point of time become a tomb where there are no new posts but people come all the same to pay respect or hate

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Parth said...

Good analysis. What quadrant does your blog fit into? Mine fits in the "I don't have anything particular to say, yet I like writing so if you are reading it, I hope you enjoy it" category

At 1:13 AM, Blogger ecophilo said...

I am almost tempted to ask if you created a list of blogs in all those those quadrants!

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Kaps said...

Quite an incisive analysis. I guess Amit Varma wud also fall in the same quadrant as Kiruba.

It is going to be very difficult to retain the top right hand corner slot...especially if you are a working professional.

At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you had to finally resort to a 2x2 to say something! And I thought the very purpose of ur blog was to get away from the consultant-speak.
But, in addition to the 2x2, there are other factors. Like, what happens if a blog is frequently updated and well written, but there are no readers? Are 'Frequency' and 'Interesting Writing' the most important parameters? Or is there something else...


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