Thursday, September 29, 2005

kyunki TV bhi kabhi nahi thi

Lot of people believe the K-serials led by Kyunki.. are depressing , sad and in short crap. And wonder how these maha sagas can run for so long with their makeovers, changeovers and takeovers. Like I had written earlier, things work not purely because of the content but the messages convey. I believe the following reasons endear these serials to Indian women (aged between 30 to 60).

1.Apnapan : - . The saree and salwar clad characters shown in these serials seem more apna to the segment rather than the redheaded mini-skirted bimbettes in Remix. The serials also celebrate the traditions and rituals that this segment grew up with and does not want to vanish in India with their generation.There is an immense feel good factor to finding bahus like Tulsi or saas like Baa.

2. Assertion of power in the house . ' I cooked the food, sent kids to school , taught them , cleaned the house, cooked again , kids watched their cartoons, you watched ur news, now give me my space i need to watch this however convulted the scenes may be'. Letting the women watch their K serials is the least the non-metrosexual male can do for his dame. And men are happy to follow this path of last resistance.Most women have a busy day till 9:30 pm till the last utensil get washed. The K serials is their own space in the claustrophobic one-TV household.

3. Perverse pleasure in comparing with the ideal. If you cant love them, embarass them. Most women watching such serials are searching for role models in their own worlds. Most bahus like embarassing their saases by comparing them to the vile characters and vice versa. Similarly husbands get the brunt from characters like Mihir or Karan. Or kaash mera beta iske jaisa hota etc etc. And since most households have just one TV it keeps everyone in place or in check. Ekta mein hai shakti hai !!


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