Sunday, August 28, 2005

Career swaps

Imagine the following situation, there is a person A who is bored of a consulting career and wants to experience the thrill of joining a startup with its attendant risks and rewards. There is a person B who has been in a particular industry , but has stagnated a bit and can only join a startup/smaller org at a senior position. But currently his personal priorities prevent him from taking risks and he wants to join a consulting firm as an industry expert. It would be great if a career swap could be arranged for A and B. Like in derivatives, the key issues remain
1. Liquidity: Greater the number of people , greater the possibilities of swaps
2. Information/Credit risk: The more intangible the information, the greater the difficulty in structuring. So unless a proper rating system is established one cannot swap a A rated consultant with a B rated investment banker for instance.
3. Efficient market: Either good intermediaries or an efficient market is needed for such swaps.
One way for such swaps, is to have exchange programs between companies, just like the way it exists in various management institutes of different countries. It would be a great structured way of escaping corporate boredom that sets in a year or two.


At 9:27 PM, Blogger Bart said...

Jazz, that was the 'fin consult' sleeping in you, waking up. First, Could you elaborate point 3? The exchange program seems interesting. But the stakes are very high for the companies involved if the person exchanged is really valuable.. Anyhow, watz wrong in wishing for..

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Bart said...

Jazz, u wudn't believe this.. There is a program already initiated between HP and P&G for swapping managers - this program is called "Manager on Loan (MoL)". I read across that already 3 managers on either side are under this program in US. So, the ball has already started rolling somewhere..


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