Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why men cant be just men

Today just being man enough aint enough mate. You dont have to be super man (bhala uski brief meri brief se red kaise) either. Just when we had scrubbed our faces clean with all the apricot and walnut scrubs we could lay our hands on and shed glycerine tears during mushy senti movies, the officiandos have decided that metrosexual is passe. The problem with the metrosexual has always been its over emphasis on form rather than content by the media. The creation of this stereotype was more to sell more cucumber face packs and the romantic idea to women that there are guys who would cry with you while watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when SRK dumps Kajol for Rani. I always felt that the target segment for the metrosexual concept were women rather than men and the objective was basically to sell products to losers . But successful metrosexuals had a field day and became frustosexuals when it became too much of a good thing.
Next we had ubersexual ( not to be confused with kubersexual, which is basically men who spend a lot on paid sex). Ubersexual was supposedly a metrosexual with a cause. He had some principles like I wont drink on Tuesdays probably. But the key difference was that men wanted their masculinity back. They wanted to spend more time grooming their mind and manners rather than manicuring their nails. Thus ubersexuals were closer to real successful men and JWT rated guys like Pierce Brosnan, Donald Trump and Bono as the top ubersexuals. The metrosexual was finally shown the mirror, with warts on his mind rather than on his face.
Now finally the Western world has discovered the heteropolitan, which is surprisingly similar to what a large percentage of urban Indian men would be. According to Men's World , "The heteropolitan builds a picture of a man who can`t be pigeonholed as either a binge-drinking, skirt-chasing new lad or a preening metrosexual who spends more time in the bathroom than his girlfriend. Today`s man is a `heteropolitan` trying to balance looking good with pub culture, and career success with a happy family life." Cheers!! It seems what I always was is now cool, the guy who drinks on Friday but visits the temple on Saturday and goes shopping with folks on a Sunday. But I trust this to change soon, since such an image is a marketers nightmare.
Finally, I believe if u strip the sexuality and the polity, men can be divided into the following types...
Know man: The nerd who will know more about Windows XP rather than where to take a girl
Show man: The dude who believes life is a stage and he is the only actor
Flow man: One who lives for the moment and tries to maximise output/input.
No man: The over blown metrosexual .. Karan Johar types
Additions to the above are welcome !


At 1:09 PM, Blogger Parth said...

Lol. That rocked. Frustosexual is a new term of its kind. Its true. In this day and age, men are living upto stereotypes of one kind or the other. Revenge of the womankind perhaps?

At 9:59 PM, Blogger Bart said...

That was a nice piece jazz...
Some additions:
Yo man - This is the hep, gadget savvy, gen next guy who talks sms language, walks in cyberspace and eats only pizzas, donuts et al...
Glow man - The man who has seen all and given up all at an early age and lives routine vegetable life in search of nirvana...

At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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