Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bandra ka king kaun?

As multiplexes continue to mushroom in India, there is one multiplex in Mumbai that has a sinister charm to it. Yeh aisa theater jiske line ki lambai se pikcher ki pitaai ke baare mein pata chalta hai. I am talking about the Gaiety Galaxy(G7) complex in the queen of Mumbai suburbs. Its another wonderful example of the fusion that exists in the pseude environs of Bandra where continental food, swank pubs, snazzy discos, six pack abs, designer outlets and chiselled bodies jostle with the Jay Sandwich Stalls, Bandstand, Linking road market and the roadside kebab stalls. As you enter the narrow alley , you will see crowds swarming in and out giving gaalis to the motorists or vice versa. The multiplex has an astounding business model. You will always get a ticket, either at the counters or in black. In fact the reason why this business model works is that for guys who are lazy and work just in time on fridays to catch the 930 show, most multiplexes with their always unreachable call centers and the ticket prices of Rs.150 plus never works. In G7, you are assured a black ticket of the 'latesht' movie in town for Rs.100.(dus ka bees) . Plus samosas at Rs.10 and old style Simba popcorn at Rs.10. I have never gone disappointed from this place even if the movie was just average. And better still if you can get a counter ticket which is Rs.55 for balcony and Rs.35 for stalls. Ideal to sample the trash that Bollywood dishes at times. Great to see the public enjoy when Bollywood dishes out Kajra re. Vulgar at times to see the real front bencher crowd. Scary sometimes when gangsters sitting beside you reminensce while watching Ramus movies. Always good to get a healthy touch of real India after discussing multi-million dollar business plans to cream the market. G7 .. jhakaas fulltoo paisa vasool.


At 4:49 AM, Blogger Suparna said...

i so agree with u...G7 is my favourite movie theatre in the city and i have seen most of movies at this place.

I'm not a multiplex person, I hate watching movies there. But G7 is the original multiplex of Mumbai & i love it.


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