Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bloggers times

If one looks at Desipundit , the latest blogger fad seems to be retiring from blogging. The two notable ones although I have never read their blogs seem to be Chetan Call Center Bhagat and Chandrachoodan. Maybe there will be interviews where bloggers would say 'my blog was ahead of its time' or the audience didnt fully grasp what I was saying. Luckily no one tells mera blog thoda hatke hai. For all you know the next big thing could be the comeback. So you take a break and then return like Mithun did in Elaan or Amitabh in Mrityudata or Govinda in Sukkh. As one can see comebacks have definitely not been successful. It could be one way of avoiding the bloggers block when the creative fluids are at an all time low. Then there could be some bloggers who would make a mockery of comebacks like Jimmy Amarnath in the Indian cricket team. In cases like Chetan Bhagat , he is now above blogging judging by the popularity of his book and would want to be regarded as a writer and not a blogger who writes.
The other once popular trend that seems to be waning is the physical bloggers meet, an idea that I thought was an oxymoron in some sense. Something like Amazon opening a bricks and mortar book store. Most people engage in online activites so that it provides them a convenient shield and the ability to don a new avatar. I am sure if some good looking babe turns up for a bloggers meet , she would get some hits in the next few days even though she writes about the shampoos she uses. I still remember the a/s/l days when chatting took off in India. But blogging is done by seemingly more mature or in the words of a TOI journalist elite people. We are probably not as mainstream as the levels TOI would want everyone to stoop too but we still have a long way to go.


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