Sunday, December 04, 2005

Spiritual experiences

As India proceeds on its 8% brave new world growth rate, as the intestines of an aging superstar get more prominence than the rain ravaged interiors of Tamil Nadu and as ' naughty becomes in and nice is out' since the czar of candyfloss claims it Neal N Niki, I always wonder how Hindu roots, rituals and traditions would evolve in the next 5-10 years. Usually there is one section of the young generation , which believes that most of our rituals are crap.They dont know why a shraadh should be performed every year, why a sacred thread should be worn, and have forgotten to pray with verses . There is one section that believes in God but not in the ecosystem that comes with it , the pujaris and the pyres. There is one section that just follows their parents and performs activities as per their wishes just to avoid any confrontation. There could be many other sections.
What is of acute concern is the amount of time we spend to gain insights into the Hindu religion and its philosphy through experiences and through reading. It is unfortunate that most youngsters learn a foreign language like French during school for better global prospects rather than Sanskrit. Knowledge of Sanskrit enables one to atleast understand the various mantras chanted during a ritual or the scriptures in the Vedas. Another barrier is the mental block associated with the effort required to understand or experience. Sample this ' I went to Enigma this weekend; it rocked' versus ' I went to a Rudrabhishek pooja yesterday'.


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