Saturday, February 04, 2006

Himesh the rock star

2005 had two anthems , Kajra re in the first half and Aashiq banaaye aapne. While the former had the might of the entire Yash Chopra ecosystem working for it, the latter had one man ... Himesh Reshammiya. He composed the music and sang three songs. He reaffirmed India's love for people who sing with their nose rather than their mouths like Mukesh, Kumar Sanu, etc. His new album Aap ka Suroor where with his paunch , cap and stubble he is projected as the new rock star. Plus his Jhalak dikh la jaa from Aksar is already emerging as a super hit. Himesh is a refreshing change in Bollywood where outsiders have rarely made it big. Himesh was first introduced by none other than Sallu in his landmark movie Pyar kiya to darna kiya where he introduced 3 music directors Himesh, Sajid Wajid and Kamal Khan. Himesh was the luckiest of the lot probably because Sanjay Jumaani added an extra M to his surname.
His biggest hit before 2005 was Tere Naam another Sallu hit. The deep emotional nature of the movie and of its songs left a solid mark in the non-metro centers of the country. It was an instant rickshawalla hit in Mumbai, the barometer for mass tastes. Then came Aitraaz that had its share of hummable songs and then who can forget Just Chill where Katrina's gyrations added extra oomph to the song. But the definitive moment came with Aashiq Banaya. The song with heavy Sufi style vocals was greatly embellished by Himesh's nasal voice and the song was the hottest hit of most night clubs. In fact his singing has completely overshadowed his composing. For instance , most people have forgotten that he was the music composer of Kyun Ki which had some very hummable songs " Dil keh raha hai tumse yoon rishta jod loon" and the title song.
With his new album T Series has decided to cash in on his immense popularity. Move over Sonu, Himesh is here. Lets see how long this hero lasts. Sirf Jhalak mat dikh la jaa.


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