Friday, June 03, 2005

Movie cut- TV paste

Its staring from most hoardings " Woh rehnewali mehlon ki", a new soap by Rajshri for Sahara One. Its about a woman who leaves riches and leads an ordinary lower middle class existence, like haggling for subjis and cooking (sic!).When will the Barjatyas ever grow up, and get out of their time warp. Just like their movies, they never seem capable of any innovation. Sahara One should probably get over their filmi hangover and stop expecting their movie cut- TV paste strategy to work. Sridevi, Karishma, Raveeena Tandon, Hema Malini have all failed to attract viewers to their channel. Trite comedy like Madrasis speaking Hindis dont work any more. People are moving to classier stuff. Somehow when the movie industry makes serials, they just dont realise the TV industry has dynamics of its own and its no longer that people will lap up anything a successful movie maker dishes. Woh rehnewale hawa mehlon ke perhaps. ?


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