Friday, May 06, 2005

Bhala uski weekend mere weekend se happening kaise

This is the latest race in yuppiedom, young India and corporate life. My sympathies to people who still work on Saturdays (half or full).
By Thursday, people will pop that dreaded question " what is your weekend plan". As you try look the other way and mumble something , they would have broadcasted their plan of trying out racing with lions in the Gir forest or going fishing on the Ulhas river or how their long lost friend from Tahiti has come and they are having an African barbecue at their new farmhouse. Welcome to the new twist in the rat race. You cannot just sleep your weekend anymore. Or just take a walk or shop for some groceries etc. Weekend has to be happening and has to adorn the conversation before the coffee you have on Monday morning to beat the blues.
Otherwise you should atleast do the stuff which have 'tick value'. Tick value is what some properties inherit because they are the buzz of that weekend. For instance last week Kaal had tick value. And the value of that property declines exponentially after that weekend. Been there, ticked that. Doing stuff which has tick value would atleast ensure you would be close to the mean in the ratings of how you spent your weekend.
So what are you doing this weekend, ticking, happening or ...........


At 3:21 AM, Blogger Minerva's priest said...

Dude do you remember our trip to Matheran? Come on life has got so much better options than sleeping over in Mumbai over the weekend.


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