Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bunty Babli aur Woh

One is a movie about dreams of small-town people and another is a car for people who till now dreamed small. Interestingly these two have a co-promotion agreement.

I am talking about Bunty aur Babli and the Suzuki Swift.

Bunty aur Babli has a mass appeal written all over it except for the rap song shot with AB. As the junior B mouths chote chote shahron se , kaali bhor dopharon se hum jhola uthake chale (lyrics that typify the small town spirit) and dances gawkily on the train, and Rani rambunctiously sizzles in the fields in garish clothes, one is totally enthused for a joy ride cum chase caper the movie promises to be. Add to it, the gags the couple use to con , Big B's chase and touches like the replay of the Sholay motorcycle sequence with Junior B matching the denims his baap had worn. Add to it the near lack of competition the movie faces and the summer holidays, its a winner all the way unless Shaad Ali was smoking dope while making the movie.
Suzuki Swift provides the dil maange more for Indian small car owners. A good design, a more spacious car without a boxed look ( Getz asked too much premium for a better box) at a price which any small car owner would feel worth the premium. Plus it comes at a time when the average B segment car is 2-2.5 years old, an ideal time to ride the replacement cycle. If this car succeeds and is priced at Rs.4 lakhs, then by year end the Santros of the world should be selling for Rs.3 lakhs.
Sometimes Indian markets prove that the only P of marketing is price. Cross a T, timing and dot an I, insight, Dhadak Dhadak, Hum chale Hum chale yeh ramchandr re .....!!


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