Sunday, May 29, 2005

Monsoon Menace: The Revenge of the Pit

After the 'Coming soon this Summer's are over, the Monsoon Menace is about to begin. If potholes scared you last year when you were Zinging on the streets of Mumbai, this year is going to be The Revenge of the Pit.
As "MMRDA Road widening in progress, Inconvenience is regretted " remains the only traffic sign visible nowadays and the well intentioned projects are no way close to completion, this years monsoon in Mumbai is going to be a ride in space. Andheri near the flyovers should be renamed Chaanderi, as the roads would resemble the craters on the surface of the moon. Dadar could be named Daraar and so on.
Every inch of roadspace and every minute would be fought for as man and machine fight the elements and MMRDA as the monsoon hits in two weeks. The home as we know it will never be near again.


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