Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"D" for disappointing

"Kuch log doctor hote hai, engineer hote hai, main gangster hai". Deshu adds a new profession amongst the choices available to a youngster. If you have a life where your baap couldnt save your mother and you get beaten up by the police for not identifying some suspects, and you have enough daring, one can become a gangster. But as said "is line mein entry sabko mil jaati hai" the question is of survival and sustaining it. And Deshu offers lessons for that which even a MBA with a plum job can apply to corporate success.
Gain the confidence of the boss by solving his biggest problem. (Deshu kills Mangli, a rival of his boss Goga Kapoor)
Show your competence in a territory where the stakes are lower (Like Deshu accepts Gujarat instead of Mumbai and delivers higher profits)
Wait for the kill or your opportunity but in the meanwhile completely weaken your opponents.
But apart from these global takeaways, the movie doesnt entertain nor does it have the flair of Ramus earlier gangster movies. Although Ranveer Hooda in his designer shirts and sunglasses gives gangsters an uber cool status but the story telling leaves a lot to be desired. The movie is an assortment of sequences with characters flowing in and out. Its at best a good revision of gangster movies. One thing, Chunky Pandey returns after Qayamat and is quite enjoyable. And like all his movies he dies before the end. I will write a longer post on the history of gangster movies in Bollywood...watch out for that one.


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