Monday, June 27, 2005

Let a thousand Infys bloom

Tired of the traffic jams and the high tariffs of five-star hotels ( rack rate of Rs.9000+) , Infosys is starting a luxury hotel on its campus. This is a special case of corporations playing a dual role; reacting to slow infrastructure rampup by the government and setting the value equation right in a scenario where business economics of supply and demand have gone haywire. Infy was forced into making this decision because of the situation. Going forward, Infy can do a lot more looking at what it has already done. Here are some stats:

Infosys has 36,750 employees.

Its 270 acre Mysore campus can accomodate 4500 trainees at any given time. Assuming 2 weeks of training per person, more than a lakh people can be trained in a year. This is supposed to be the largest training centre in the world.

Infy plans to hire around 12-15,000 employees a year to keep its growth momentum.

Infy receives around 200,000 applications a year and processes them.

There are similar figures for TCS. It has around 40000 employees, just a shade under TISCO which is an institution by itself.

If the IT industry has to maintain its scorching pace, soon these companies have to create supply ecosystems to enable growth. As leaders of this industry TCS,Infy and Wipro would have such scale in running certain operations that other companies can outsource to these leaders.

Why should any company now have a HR department. If you didnt know, HR depts in most cos for 95% of their time just recruit, 3% of the time organize dinners and parties and 2% decide on training programs which benefit none. In the future, every prospective graduate has to just apply to Infy, Wipro or TCS. There will be one common interview and based on a complex model prepared by these software cos , one will find a job in some company. If you are decent, you will find a software job. If you are good at English you will get a BPO job. The rest would get a job in some company in India.

Rest of the firms in India will also gain, given the high attrition rates and dynamic state of Indian economy, any good employee is as good as any employee. And prospective graduates will be happy for this social security net.

Taking this further, Infy, TCS and Wipro would also get into education, land development, gene pooling (so that a coders DNA can be multiplied) and finally run the country by 2015. By that time, every kid born in this country will know exactly what his future job will be thanks to a combination of gene mapping and complex job search algorithms. And maybe Narayana Murthy would be PM. Not bad eh?


At 2:54 AM, Blogger Bart said...

Extrapolation: If every child's destiny could be tracked, probably mercy killing can be established at pre-birth stage for those no-gooders... Further what would be the basis for deciding upon future politicians? (number of murders, man-handlings, lootings and relationship to present politicians perhaps)....


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