Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some random observations

The ban on plastic bags in Mumbai and the increase in newspaper pages is a good coincidence. Most vendors are making paper bags out of Mumbai Mirror, the 'raddiest' news tabloid. More pages, more bags.

Times of India has a launched Indian Idol contest for Ganpati idols. But the entire campaign is strangely in English for a highly local festival. Loksatta has conducted this contest for years now, wonder this attempt by TOI would be successful.

The Punjabification of India is rapidly happening. In many Ganpati immersions, the revellers were dancing to ' Dil le gayi kudi' and such songs rather than ' Deva o deva tumse badhkar kaun'.

Monsoon Menace revenge of the pit has exceeded all predictions. The Western Express Highway is a ride on the moon.


At 9:36 PM, Blogger Shivaji said...

Some additional observations:

The new Honda ad shows how a japanese dude has learnt to do Mehendi. The company was trying to say that they knew a whole lot about India. Surprisingly the Jap dude says Thank You in Japanese at the end of the ad!!!! At least he could have learnt these phrases in local language first before learning to do Mehendi...

Western Express highway is no longer a highway... I propose it be named "Rajiv Gandhi Smarak Khandhar"


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